Preventative Care 


At Windan' Sea Veterinary Clinic we believe that preventative care is the best medicine! Yearly exams and bloodwork allow us to detect, diagnose and treat underlying medical conditions in early and more advanced stages. 


Dental Care

Staying on top of our pets dental health is very important as it is linked to many serious health issues if left untreated. At your pets annual exam we will perform a thorough oral exam and suggest dental cleanings as needed. All of our dental procedures are done under anesthesia where we will take oral x-rays so that we can see below the gum lines. This enables us to treat any diseased teeth that may be causing your pet pain or discomfort.  


Our doctors perform many different surgeries. These range from spay and neuters to mass removals to more advanced procedures. Our doctors and staff stay up to date on all of the latest technological advancements and surgical techniques through continued education.


Based on your pets symptoms and comfort level our doctors may recommend further diagnostics or testing to determine the best next steps in their care. We can do this through state-of-the-art lab work, digital radiology or ultrasound scans. 


Should your pet have any abnormal heart conditions we have a trusted mobile cardiologist that will come on site to perform a echocardiogram. Your pet's doctor will then collaborate with the cardiologist to form a tailored plan for your little one to keep them healthy.

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